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Skunk Removal

Skunks are nocturnal. In northern climates they may not hibernate, but they may sleep through cold weather periods. They often emerge around February to breed and may be difficult to trap during this time as they are mainly interested in breeding, not feeding. They usually live in underground burrows, hollow logs, or rock piles. They may decide to live under houses, decks, sheds, cabins, or storage buildings. Of course, the main problem with skunks is their odor. Chicago Critter Getters wildlife experts can remove skunks from your property or home. They become pests when they change their dietary selections from rodents, insects, and wild fruit to garden crops, garbage, and lawn insects, and locate their habitat closer to humans. Another major problem that is lesser known about these pesky critters is the fact they are one of the major carrier of rabies. 

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