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Animal Proofing & Exclusion :

Once all animals are removed from the home, all possible entry points are sealed and reinforced. Any materials that are applied to the building are animal proof and not meant as a temporary fix. We frequently follow general contractors and handy men when their repairs fail. Once we seal the building in its entirety we stand behind our work by providing up to a lifetime warranty.  

We never underestimate rodents and their ability to find any and all weaknesses on your home or building. We are one of the few companies that are able to permanently solve unwanted rodents from invading your home. We are not a company interested in putting a band-aid or putting you on a recurring mouse elimination program.

Attic Cleanup Services:

All too frequently when animals invade homes and get into roofs and attics and end up contaminating your insulation with urine and feces. We offer a disinfectant to eliminate all germs, bacteria and scent trails left behind.

Dead Animal Removal:

When animals end up dying on your property we will safely remove the carcass from your home or business. We also will sanitize the area to prevent disease transmission to children, pets, or any others that may come in contact to the area.

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